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Delphi Display Fast Track 2+2

SKÄL East offers installation for timers by Acrelec (previously Hyperactive Technologies). No company in the drive-thru industry can match the depth of Acrelec, as they continue to pioneer a range of visionary innovations that help restaurant operators set and achieve new standards of drive-thru excellence.

Make sure your customers get their food fast, hot & fresh every time they visit your drive-thru!  Customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business. Increase car counts and improve total times with the easiest to use drive-thru timer in the QSR industry. Select from either the Fast Track 2000 Series or 3000 Series.

SKAL East offers Fast Track 2+2 and Repairs to the New England

Below is a complete list of the companies whose products we sell.*

Klipsch Audio solutions, sales and installations for new englandPandora Business Radio Specialists Install BusinessSirius Satellite Radio Installation Specialists Business

No matter what your trade you'll love the big business features and small business price of AT&T Synapse. In no time at all you can improve operations, increase sales, and grow your business with no hassles or hidden fees. Need help setting it up? Don’t worry about it, SKÄL East Inc. will be right along side you the entire way.

BrightSign is an all-inclusive solution that offers live content integration with Twitter feeds, POS systems, stock tickers, show controllers, etc. Dynamic playlists update content without republishing any past presentations. Advanced interactivity, synchronization, multi-zone display and more.

Sirius Satellite Radio is a premium satellite radio service for nearly all of North America. With over 175 channels ranging from music, to sports, to comedy, you will never get tired of listening. SKÄL East offers installation of Sirius Satellite Radio for offices and businesses of all sizes.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Klipsch’s world-class speakers and headphones allow people to connect with their favorite music like no other brand by delivering the power, detail and emotion of the live music experience. SKÄL East offers installation of these powerful speakers to businesses and homes.

Pandora was made in 2000 to bring listeners music they will love. With custom stations made to bring you only music you’ll love, you can’t go wrong. With the ability to create and refine up to 100 stations, what is not to love? SKÄL East offers installation of Pandora Internet Radio for businesses and stores, so you can guarantee your customers satisfaction upon their arrival.

The 3M wired and wireless intercom systems provide a variety of customizable communications capabilities. 3M intercoms are easy to use and deliver clear, reliable communications for increased sales and customer service. In addition, 3M intercoms provide a means of communication to help meet safety and security needs.

SKÄL East Inc.’s Beverage department provides specialty beverage service for Beer, Wine, Soda and Coffee, by Perfection Equipment. Beverage systems for large and small customers are provided on a turnkey basis. SKÄL East has installed systems for Gillette Stadium, Mohegan Sun, and Fenway Park. SKÄL East Inc. has also installed smaller systems for restaurants.

Control4 is a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions, allowing you to control virtually any device in a home or business from your phone. Control4 solutions can operate with more than 7,000 third-party devices. SKÄL East offers installation of all types of automation provided by Control4.

Control4 Automation Sales Installation and Service in New England Perfection Equipment Beer New England Install and Sales LG Logo by SKAL East sells and repairs 3M headsets The New G5 3M Headset for sale new england Headsets Control4 Drive Thru Systems Phone Systems Digital Display Audio/Video Audio/Video Perfection Equipment Audio/Video Rancilio premium coffee maker sales in new england

Rancilio is a premium quality espresso machine manufacturer, founded in 1927  in Milan, Italy. Rancilio is now well known in it’s industry for it’s great use of industrial design and reputable reliability. SKÄL East now offers these machines to all interested businesses in the New England area.

Instead of running you display from an onsite server, SKÄL East offers a cloud based, user friendly management system, called EngagePHD. And no software is needed, the display can be created and updated from any modern electronic device! For more information about our new product, contact us today.

Rancilio & Egro

Founded in 1849, Egro offers innovative products that provide unique coffee and milk drinks in the highest quality. Now owned by Rancilio Group, which also owns Rancilio, Egro is bigger and better than ever and their products are too. SKÄL East now offers these machines to all businesses in the New England area.

visit our services page for info engagephd engage phd digital display wireless new england EngagePHD ezsign digital display cost effective force of nature easy and natural home cleaning

Force Of Nature is for all your cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting needs. Because Force of Nature cleans virtually any surface, you can streamline your cleaning products from several to one. It cleans, deodorizes and disinfects in your kitchen, bathroom, and wherever you need to eliminate germs, grease, grime, mold & mildew. Because of this, it’s also great for disinfecting on the go.

Force of Nature

Micro Matic is the leader in draft beer as well as beverage dispensing systems. Whether you want replacement parts or full systems, SKÄL East is a partner and servicer of Micro Matic equipment. We’re very happy to say that we are bringing

Micro Matic to the businesses of New England.


Since their beginnings, Sensoscientific has strived to bring you products that revolutionize the way you monitor your food service area. Ranging from temperature and humidity monitors to water leak transmitters. Sensoscientific and SKÄL have partnered to bring you exactly what you need to keep your business safe for your workers, and your customers.

sensoscientific business monitoring

Adande designed a fridge and freezer system that holds the cold air in, and keeps it in, thanks to its specially designed patented insulated drawers. These simple differences in approach allow stable temperatures & a humidity controlled environment, even when subjected to frequent or prolonged drawer openings.

Adande Drive Thru Systems