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NCR SKAL Digital Display Parter

What is Digital Display and how can it help my company?

 Digital display is the best tool in marketing, and communication. Whether you have a single LED display, an interactive touchscreen, or a video wall, digital displays allow great flexibility for easily communicating your message to your customers. Digital display helps you reach your target audience with your own customized content, and allows your customers to interact with your company on a whole new level.

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NCR is a global tech company, who’s goal is to make your life as easy as possible. At SKÄL East, we sell and install digital displays that use NCR’s digital display software. For more information on NCR and their products click here!

Peerless SKAL Digital Display Parter brightsign box sale in new england bright sign logo brightsign sales in new england service install

BrightSign is an all-inclusive
Solution that offers live content
integration with Twitter feeds, POS systems,
stock tickers, show controllers, etc. Dynamic playlists update content without republishing any past presentations. Advanced interactivity, synchronization, multi-zone display and more.

Peerless offers professional solutions for TV mounts, outdoor TVs, projector mounts, digital signage, wireless audio systems, and kiosks. Find out what’s right for your company by calling us today!

The LG EzSign TV is an award
winning innovation in digital
display, and now you can
own one! SKÄL East Inc. is
currently offering the deal of
a life time. This cheap digital
signage package includes a
47 inch EzSign TV, software,
and more, all for the price of $1697. For more information please contact us today.

SKÄL East has something to offer you. It’s digital display, but it’s something new. Instead of running the display from an onsite server, it has a cloud-based, user friendly management system, and no software is needed! The display can be created and updated from any modern electronic device.

This cloud-based service is called EngagePHD™. This system allows for quick menu changes from any location. The results of these efforts include an easier to use dashboard and a lower cost of ownership for customers.

Want more information? Click here, or call us today!

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What is Digital Display and how can it help my company?